The importance of spatial databases in management and optimum utilization of natural resources is well recognized. In four decades journey of ICAR-NBSS&LUP generated voluminous information on several parameters of soil resources at various scales in the country and these have been scattered at various places in form of database, maps, research paper and reports. Keeping this in view, development of dedicated Bhoomi Geoportal has been initiated to systematically develop, organize and deploy the soil information through collating geo-referenced soil and allied resources database in Geographic Information System (GIS). It provides a knowledge gateway to visualize, access, query soil data and disseminate the land resource information to the users. The advantage of developing such Geo-portal is to eliminate redundancies and duplication of efforts, and enforcing consistency, standards, and sharable protocols to build a cross-domain soil knowledge base for effective utilization of limited natural resources in the country. The user interface of NBSS Geo-portal enables to visualize various point, line and polygon thematic layers on soil and land resources.